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Industrial Safety Products
Industrial Safety Products are very useful at the time of performing various industrial activities and tend to make sure the safety of the workers. These a recounted under necessary safety tools and measures brought in use.
Fire Welding Blankets
Fire Welding Blankets are one of the strongest product as these are very helpful in  shielding against the heat and fire, which can also be used for many other applications. It is also used to insulate the grill at the time of cold weather.
Personal Safety Products
Personal Safety Products includes fire warden jackets and also safety suits which are worn by the worker while working in challenging, critical and dangerous environment. These suits are made keeping various factors in mind and are comforted with really high insulations.
Scaffolding Planks
Scaffolding Planks are a well known to be chosen for cladding, flooring, decking as well as furniture making. These have also been used in order to make benches along with bridges.
Filter Press Cloth
Filter Press Cloth is offered used with term Panel. So this product is offered due to its wide usage in the plate and frame press operations. In the scenarios, where the pressure is often used for number of useful separation of solids from liquids.
Coating Cloth
Coating Cloth is known to have very low thermal conductivity. The features of the product such as resistivity against thermal shock and also high temperature insulation are worth a praise.
Hand Gloves
Hand Gloves are made by making use of super grade raw materials by our workers. These gloves are worn to prevent cross-contamination between patients and medical staff. These gloves are gloves that you use one time and then throw away.
Fire Retardant Tarpaulin
Fire Retardant Tarpaulins are the fire-resistant covering, which are used for numerous applications. Most of the industries make use of these for the purpose of protection and others. 

Scaffold Lifting Bag
Scaffold Lifting Bag is solely intended for use as a coupler bag. It is designed to close safely when the top is lifted by hand. The lifting handles are also long enough for the bag to be lifted by a single point using pulleys. This scaffold bag can be used for storing, lifting, and transporting scaffolding.
N95 Mask
N95 Masks are one of the effective and economical ways to stop the spread of Covid-19. These personal protective equipment can be used by all adults, regardless of the age. Moreover, these are so simple to make use of. 
Fire Safety Suit
Fire Safety Suit is intended for use in outdoor rescue operations and other fire situations involving hazards and individuals operating in temperatures beyond the manufacturer's suggested operating range. The outer layer helps to deflect more than 90% of radiant heat, allowing the rescuer to stay near the fire for longer.
Body Cooling Warming Bag
Body Cooling Warming Bag is ensured by the use of quality-tested raw materials and cutting-edge technology. Our bag is very popular all over the world since it is available at very low prices. This bag is very easy to install as well as simple to use. 
Fiberglass Welding Blanket
A fiberglass Welding Blanket is used to prevent welding spray damage. This blanket catch molten metal sparks, which fall on the blanket and form a black molten mass that progressively cools. This is IS 11871 fire certified for medium-duty welding applications at temperatures up to 750 C. 

*Return & Cancellation Policy*

If the supplier fails to ship on time or the product quality varies from what was agreed upon, Buyer may apply for refund within 24hours of delivery the product.
We will investigate, mediate and resolve your claim with an aim of providing a satisfactory outcome, including refund of the purchase if necessary.

*Shipping & Delivery Policy*

The product booked by the Buyer, will be shipped to the Seller either through his own logistics or through 3rd party Logistics Provider The product will be delivered in the particular time period mentioned during placing the order.
There will be logistics charges applicable based on the seller or type of product purchased.

*Terms & Conditions*

- Price quoted are Ex-Factory Price
- Payment Terms - Against Performa Invoice
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